Sacramento Metro Advocates for Rail and Transit is a not-for-profit, broad-based coalition of business, labor, transportation, environmental, neighborhood, faith-based, and community leaders founded in 2019 to educate, organize, and advocate for expanded and improved rail and transit services for the Sacramento region.

The SMART Story….

What could be SMARTer?

Sacramento MapSacramento Metro Advocates for Rail and Transit works to bring the safety, environmental, financial and mobility benefits from a high performing, connected public mass transit and rail system to our region.

Many have recognized the need to organize the broad array of transportation stakeholders to support the economic, environmental, land use and societal benefits that come from investments in a high-quality transit and rail system in our region. Organized transit and rail stakeholders are vital to presenting these benefits to our larger community and to decision-makers.

Sacramento Amtrak StationSince June 2019, SMART has gathered over 200 mass transit and rail stakeholders in our region including business; civic leaders; community organizations; labor; elected officials; and individuals. The new initiatives and long-range proposals to expand and modernize our transit and rail service in the Sacramento Region will fall short without new levels of investment. Transit and rail service is the only travel mode that has the scale, technology and efficiency to increase the efficiency and safety of our road system, save households money, keep our air breathable and our climate safe, and move the most people at one time.

Inside Light Rail


Watch an interview with SMART co-founder Glenda Marsh that provides insight as to how SMART came to be.